Infield Conditioners & Soil Mixes

PrimeraOne Field Conditioner

Baseball Infield Conditioners & SoilPrimeraOne Field Conditioner, our private brand.  Our field conditioner has the unique ability to absorb its own weight in water and slowly release this moisture over and over again. PrimeraOne conditioned fields result in less rainouts, less missed practices, and less field damage. Manufactured to work season after season.

PrimeraOne Field Dry

PrimeraOne Field Dry, our private brand.  Our field dry has the unique ability to absorb its own weight in water to dry out puddles and mud. PrimeraOne Field Dry will not cake or harden and becomes a part of the infield soil. PrimeraOne Field Dry will not break down and will work over and over again absorbing water in problem areas.

Turface Pro League

Turface Pro League is the choice of major league groundskeepers. More MLB groundskeepers use Turface® Pro League® than any other infield conditioner. A smaller, more uniform particle than Turface MVP®, Pro League provides an excellent playing surface on skinned infields and is available in a variety of colors for a beautiful field.

Mar Mix Infield Material

Naturally found red sand/clay blend, screened at 1/4″.  Blended to create an ideal playable surface that allows water to percolate well after rain.  Used at all levels of play from Youth League, High Schools, Colleges/Universities or Professionally. Available in truckload quantities (bulk) or in 1,000 or 2,000 lb totes.

Kobe Infield Mix

A natural sand/silt/clay blend found locally. Reddish brown color, 84% Sand, 8% Silt, 8% Clay. Used for recreational fields and youth leagues. Good blend with high clay fields. Available in truckload bulk quantities.

Saf Trac Warning Track Material

Saf TracGreat red color, excellent percolation.  Lightweight and easy to spread, extremely durable.  This is a dry screened, red shale product.  Excellent choice for all levels of play.  Available in truckload bulk quantities, 1,000 lb or 2,000 lb totes.

Athletic Field Conditioners and Soil
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