Paint & Chalk

Athletic Field Marker Latex Paint

Long lasting field marking paint can used on both natural and artificial turf.  Easily applied by brush, roller, or airless sprayer.  Made from the finest quality raw materials to the produce the brightest stripes.  Dries in 30 minutes, use straight from the bucket or reducible with water at 1:1 ratio.

Suggested uses include:

  • Baseball fields
  • Football fields
  • Soccer fields

Available in 5 gallon buckets, 36 per pallet.

Colors Available: White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange

Aerosol Paint

Our Athletic White paint is specially formulated for line striping athletic fields and engineered for use in an inverted position for quick and easy application with our Seymour Turf Machine.  Athletic White can be used in nearly all of our competitors marking machines due to our universal spray head design.
Colors Available: Athletic White, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow

Athletic Field Striper by Seymour

For use with Stripe Athletic Field Marking paints.  Larger wheels, this machine allows application of lines between 2-4 inches on athletic fields and other turf surfaces.

Kombi Battery Operated Field Striper

This striper is easy to use and a superb value. The “knib” attachment adjusts to a variety of line widths to create well-defined lines every time. Heavy-duty rechargeable 8-hour battery. No external mixing – paint and water disperses immediately in the tank. Just flick a switch and clean water is drawn from the rear tank through the nozzle to eliminate pump and nozzle blockages

Athletic Field Marker

Perfect for marking all types of athletic fields. Non-toxic, non-burning, and harmless to soil and turf.

  • Bright white appearance improves visibility and aesthetic appearance of all types of athletic fields
  • Creates brighter, whiter contrasting lines
  • Harmless to soil, clothing & turf
  • Easy to apply

Available in 50 lb. bags, 56 bags per pallet