Whether you like to hunt, sight or simply help wildlife animals, planting food plots helps the environment.

You are providing shelter and a food source for everything from insects up to the targeted wildlife and even yourself. Flowers, grasses, forage crops, weeds to berry producing trees and hedges along with grains may be grown to attract different wildlife to your area. Many plot growers are learning about the importance of tree planting. Trees that offer fruit, nuts and acorns, attract all kinds of wildlife with the advantage of habitat and protection. Check the area that is to be planted for a nearby water supply.  Maybe a small pond or swamp area can be developed or can be improved upon.

Tenbarge offers a wide variety of quality seed!

  • Food Plot Seeds

    Spring and summer forages for Deer, Turkey, Quail with mixes tailored for your food plot.

    Mixes can be combined with peas, turnips, sunflowers, millets, and radishes.

  • Forage Seeds

    Ask about our Pasture Max and Horse Max mixes. Others available include Orchard grass, Timothy, Alfalfa, clovers, etc..

  • Wildflower Seeds

    TBS Midwest Mix with 18 different annuals and Perennial flowers

We offer ATV broadcast spreaders to get the job done right!